Who Calls Me 0392121976

Who Calls Me 0392121976

Who Calls Me 0392121976, 03-92121976, 03-9212 1976 (92121976, 9212 1976)

On 4th July, around 5pm, I received a call from number “00” and ask to speak to (my full name) It is a male, speaking in English (sound like a westerner) and surprising how he knew my full name?

I: “He is not around”

He: “What do you mean he is not alone?”

I: “He went out, I am using his phone!”

He: “Oh! …” (And hang out)

I smile and I said to myself, “Am I smart?” Sure I am, I have succeeded playing a prank on him.

Today I received the call from “00” again but I did not answer. I just pressed ignore to cut it off and it rang again, I pressed ignore again and it rang the 3rd time. As soon I pressed ignore the 3rd time this number 0392121976 appeared on my phone screen.

I answered but no one said anything so I hang up. So who is 0392121976? As usual I always use Google search to find unidentified phone numbers, Read [here] to see what I have found out.

Beware Of Macau Scam

Macau Scam

Warning over ‘Macau’ scamming syndicate – Nation | The Star Online

MALACCA: The public has been advised to be wary of a “Macau” syndicate whose members masquerade as police or bank officers via email to scam unsuspecting victims. State police chief SAC Datuk Chuah Ghee Lye said there were nine cases of cheating by the syndicate from January to September this year compared with 23 cases during the same period last year.

Macau Scam” have been around for sometime yet still, quite a number of unsuspecting people have became the victims. Police have carried out their duties well and have busted these syndicates from time to time but new copycat syndicates will resurface.

To prevent us become the next victim, we need to have the knowledge, be alert, be careful most the time and take extra precautions.

 Today, I have received a SMS that have informed me about this.

“RM0 BNM alert! beware of phone calls or emails you receive. BNM/bank/PDRM will never require you to disclose your PIN or transfer your money to another account.”

Note: BNM here refer to Bank Negara Malaysia / PDRM = Polis Diraja Malaysia

To keep youself better knowledge about “Macau Scam” read the news I have grouping below.

  • Warning Over ‘Macau’ Scamming Syndicate [05/10/2011]
  • Penang Cops Bust Big-time Internet Scam Syndicate [06/01/2012]
  • ‘Macau-scam’ Centre Busted [07/01/2012]
  • Cops Arrested Three People In Various Raids In Johor [20/04/2012]
  • It Doesn’t Pay To Lease Your Bank Account To Scammers [25/05/2012]
  • Cops Nab 50 Foreigners, Smash International Scam Syndicate [24/12/2012]

Macau scam ring busted – Nation | The Star Online

PETALING JAYA: An international syndicate involved in a “Macau scam”, where victims were cheated of millions of ringgit here, has been smashed. Police officers uncovered the scam when they raided two places in Section 12 here and in Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

  • Macau Scam Ring Busted [25/12/2012]
  • Police Call Out ‘Macau Scam’ [19/01/2013]
  • Cops Bust International Syndicate, Nab 9 Taiwanese, 1 China National [21/11/2013]
  • Malacca Police Smash ‘Macau Scam’ Syndicate [22/11/2013]

Seeing red over white collar crimes – Nation | The Star Online

PETALING JAYA: A whopping RM1.775bil was lost through scams, embezzlement, criminal breach of trust and other white collar crimes last year. The amount, which almost equals the state budget of Selangor, reflects the low level of awareness about such crimes among Malaysians.

  • Seeing Red Over White Collar Crimes [17/02/2014]
  • Cops Nab Two Taiwanese Involved In Macau Scam [01/07/2014]

Macau scam ring busted in JB – Nation | The Star Online

JOHOR BARU: Police uncovered an international syndicate involved in a “Macau scam” with the arrest of two Taiwanese nationals at a hotel in Kluang. The syndicate is believed to have been active for the past several months. They even rented 22 rooms at the hotel that were turned into their call centre for their illegal activities.

  • Macau Scam Ring Busted In JB [02/07/2014]
  • Police: “Macau Scam” Now Targeting Other Communities [08/07/2014]

Who Is 0322962000 ?

Who Is 0322962000 ? I have received several calls from this number 0322962000 (or 03-22962000 / 03-2296 2000) on my mobile (smart phone) Since I have set to silent mode all the time, it displayed a miss call message on the screen.

I called back to check who it is but it can never get through. Telemarketers, scam artists or pranksters in action again? Should be. If not why can they call you and you can’t call them? Why so secret? This clearly indicated that they did not want to be trace or revealing their identity.

Always be on alert first when getting suspicious phone call and think wisely before you act. Never ever disclose password, pin number, personal details of any kind when happened in communication with scammers.

Who Is 0322962000? As a loyal “fan” of Google, I always checked it through their powerful search engine and it lead me to these sites listed below. Google knew everything right? That right!

Some said it from survey company, debt collector, asking for free sex Laugh  etc. Whoever it is and you like to find out more…. Just read it through and decided what you need to do next when you are the “victim” of this caller again.

According to a site, this phone number 0322962000 was searched for more than 841 times. Read the comments below to find out information about this number.

Hope the comments from users will help you to avoid a nuisance call. [More Info Here – Site 1 – WhoCallsMe] [Site 2 – 800Notes] [Site 3 – FindWhoCallsYou] [Site 4 – Show-Caller]

Smart phones are definitely smart. Scammers are smart too. How smart are you? Most smart phone have block or blacklist certain numbers function built in. Use it to block off unwanted calls and they won’t bug you for the rest of your life.


 Slash NTV7 Global Watch

This morning I have watched NTV7 Global Watch where the presenters and a guest have talked on a  topic about “Slash” /. The guest said that using it have been upcoming trend of younger generation.

In other word, using “/” is one of the way to let people you are networking with that you are doing more than 1 things to generate more income.

I google search and it lead me this information.

  1. The slash is an oblique slanting line. Unicode encodes it in separate forms: the punctuation mark (/) the mathematical operator division  (∕), and the mathematical mark fraction (⁄). Once used to mark periods and commas, now most often used to represent exclusive or inclusive or, division and fractions, and as a date separator. It has several other historical or technical names. It is called stroke in British English.

  2. Saul Hudson, better known by his stage name Slash, is a British-born American musician and songwriter.

So to use slash (/) on him, I guessed this how it look. “Saul Hudson / Slash / British-born American / Musician / Songwriter/ … bla bla / “

Mine should be:  Laugh

Stephen Hon / Malaysian / Chinese / 4D & Toto Player / ABO / Amway Business Owner / Bitcoiner / Blogger / Bursa Malaysia Trader / Domain Names Seller / e-Book Cover Designer / e-Book Publisher / e-Commerce Affiliate / Estate Management / Facebooker / Freelancer / Forex Intra-day Trader / Forex Minutes Trader / IBO / IE / IM / Independence Business Owner/ Internet Entrepreneur / Internet Marketer / MLM / Multi Level Marketer / Network Marketer / SFI Executive Affiliate / Small Office Home Office / Social Media Marketer / SOHO / Web Site Developer

So what is your “Slash” ?  Grin

Toto Statistic 2 Win

Toto Statistic 2 WinToto Statistic 2 Win

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Statistics allow people to analyze and experiments of data. It helps you to make decisions. The main advantage of statistics is that information is presented in a way that is easy to analyze, which makes its conclusions easily accessible.

As the player of Sport Toto Malaysia, I have developed a statistic chart for my own reference and guide when playing the games (i.e 6/55, 6/58 and 6/63) You can have this chart too by purchasing it here.

All these statistic are sorted according to decending order (big to small – based on total hits) where the number with most hits being displayed first and ranking as no.1 The 2nd numbers will be rank as 2 and so on.

This ebook contain data of the following games

6/55 – Statistic data from 2009-2016 with start date 31-10-2009 – 31-12-2016
6/58 – Statistic data from 2010-2016 with start date 20-03-2010 – 31-12-2016
6/63 – Statistic data from 2015-2016 with Start date 21-03-2015 – 31-12-2016

If you are passionate player of Sports Toto games of Power 6/55, Supreme 6/58 & Grand 6/63 which rely on statistic data to make a decision, then this ebook is just right for you.


If your personal belief and religion forbid your playing the game, please don’t own (or purchase) this ebook.

Goods sold are not returnable or No refund once sold.

As a user of this ebook, you are taken to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by this Disclaimer. You do so on your own initiative and are responsible for complying with relevant local laws.

The author accepts no responsibility for any information that you access, accepts no liability for loss or damage (including, without limitation, any special, direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage or other losses or damages of whatever kind) that arises out of access to, or the use of any information contained on this ebook.