Super Blue Blood-Moon

Super Blue Blood-Moon

Super blue blood-moon phenomenon back after 152 years

PETALING JAYA – Stargazers and astrophotographers will gather at the National Planetarium and several spots around the country tonight between 7pm and 10pm to catch sight of the very rare triple display of a “blue moon”, a super moon and a total lunar eclipse.

Anna Teo Malaysia Musang Queen

Anna Teo Malaysia Musang Queen

A former air stewardess, Malaysia’s ‘Musang Queen’ now exports durians

PETALING JAYA – A former air stewardess, Anna Teo, is today one of Malaysia’s largest exporters of durians including the popular Musang King variety with its deep yellow flesh. Apart from fresh durians, her company also exports durian puree and mochi ( cakes) to feed growing demand for the king of fruits in China and elsewhere.

Oil Palm Land For Sale

Oil Palm Land For Sale

Owner of a oil palm land plantation want to sell off 8.9995 acres land (near Linggi, Negeri Sembilan)

* Freehold

* 2.5++ miles from oil palm factory

* Around 85km++  To KLIA

* Near to main road

* Not so hilly, generally near flat land

* Can be used to re-plant oil palm




* convert the land title to plant fruits ( Cocoa, banana or Musang King durian etc)

Where is Linggi?

Sepang International Airport (KLIA) => Nilai => Lukut => Silau => Linggi

Asking price RM 3,149,825 (350K per acre) (Negotiable)

Contact: +6012 240 6338