Goods Price Up Or Down After 0% GST

Goods Price: Up Or Down After 0% GST?

Starting from 1st June, 2018 new government, Pakatan Harapan (PH) have set 6% GST to 0% GST (Goods Service Tax)

Basically, when the Federal Government no longer collects 6% of each purchase, the price should be down at least 6% over each price.

But there are traders who agree, there are traders who take different stances. Some say during the time that the price with the GST means they bear the GST, so when the GST is abolished, they are reluctant to lower the price of goods as they think it is the GST that they bear on rather than consumers.

The problem is, how can we know whether the price charged is reasonable, or higher? How do we get certainty that our report to KPDNKK will take immediate action?

You can help INVOKE Malaysia to monitor the price. | Laporkan harga, sertai ribuan rakyat Malaysia memantau harga barang

Laporkan harga, sertai ribuan rakyat Malaysia memantau harga barang

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