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One Million Dollar Forex World Championship – Round 3 – Final Result

1 Million Dollar Forex Championship

World first “The One Million Dollar Forex World Championship” – Round 3 have been ended. There are total of 13993 registrants. My rank in this round is 7599.

It is free to enter with condition that you have registered a real trade account.

During the event, everyone was given virtual money of Start Amount $10,000. This money is not real and cannot be withdrawn. It is mean to be use by registrants for this competition only. At the end of competition, top 90 traders will be received some real prize money that will be deposit to their real trade account. This money can be used to trade or withdrawn.

Listed here is a brief result of the competition. I will not go in detail of each win but I can share what currency pair have traded and Won / (or Lost)

The Top 1 Winner (Winning Trade)

This person (arielfx) used Top-Up 20 XMP each 2x and Push-up 40 XMP 1x. Did not use “Stop Loss” and “Take Profit” tool throughout the whole month of August competition. All transactions are just manual closing (be it win or lost) Only concentrated on USDJPY instrument.  Total Win  60 x / Lost 6 x. Based on this result, this person really knew when to go in and when to get out.

arielfx biggest trade win was

USDJPY opened on 6th September, 2016, Time 14:06:11
Action Sell, Open Rate 103.620, Closed Rate 102.270
Amount Trade 19.00, Profit $25,189.78