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Magnum 4D Top 25 Numbers Decoded

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4D Magnum Top 25 Numbers Decoded

This ebook, contain top 25 numbers (included permutation) of Magnum 4D since 25th April, 1985 till 31st December, 2016. It also came with a bonus Analysis Chart where you do your own forecasting and prediction of new numbers that may come out in next following new draw. This Analysis Chart is originated from the same concept of 4D Charting 2 Win!

Once you have the forecast numbers drafted out, you can compare it with the top 25 numbers to find suitable permutation numbers of the moment or to compare it with numbers that may have came out on 1st Prize, 2nd Prize or 3rd Prize chart.

Then you can determine which numbers are suitable to bet based on your new forecasting numbers. This will narrow down the numbers you want to target & eliminate the numbers you want to play blindly so you did not loose money on unnecessarily numbers.


Goods sold are not returnable or No refund once sold.

If your personal beliefs or religion forbid you to play these games, don’t get involve or buy this charting.

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