Internet Marketer

I can give guidance and help for newbies that intend to be an Internet Marketer. The help and guide can be on
1) Searching the niche market.
2) Which domain name to register.
3) Which web hosting to purchase.
4) How to set up WordPress.
5) Where to get suitable theme.
6) Suitable plugins to use.
7) How to start WordPress blogging.
8) Google Analytic tracking.
9) Back linking.

Fancy to be a successful Internet Marketer or Internet Entrepreneur?

Internet Marketer (IM) or also known as Internet Entreprenuer, most people have no idea what they do each and every day. One of the main reasons why they ventured into the industry is simply because they are mobile and can create simple systems to automate a lot of tasks so that can do the things and spend time the way they want to each and every day.

I have spent some time searching for some videos that may interest you and hopefully you will get an idea of how life it would be when you are successful.

A Day in the Life of an Internet Marketer, Tanner Hawryluk

Top 20 Youngest Internet Marketers To Make a Million Dollars

Fabian Lim’s Click! Work Anytime, Live Anwhere Book Interview on The Breakfast Show on NTV7 TV station in Malaysia.

Internet Millionaire Stuart Ross On Gaining Freedom And Success To Make A Six Figure Income Online

Peng Joon, Internet Millionaire Work From No Home