Why Invest In Oil

Why Invest In Oil?

Here are some of the videos taken randomly from YouTube to serve as information resources on why invest in oil & gas.

UVioO – Robert T. Kiyosaki – Why Invest In Oil ?Robert T. Kiyosaki – Why Invest In Oil ?


See why most real estate professionals, stock brokers and financial planners will never tell you about this most profitable real estate secret involving oil and gas. Yes, certain types of oil and gas properties are considered real estate by both Congressional and IRS standards.

While most investors are familiar with online trading and trading via their stock broker, this oil and gas investment is not a well known simply because 99.99% of real estate professionals, stock brokers and financial planners can NOT sell it! So why would they sell you something where they make NO COMMISSION?

In order to sell oil and gas real estate investments you need to be a principal in the oil real estate company. Your choices are no longer limited to just publicly traded stocks like Exxon Mobile, Shell or BP.

So Why Are Oil Real Estate Projects Important to You?

Investing directly into an oil real estate can be each financially rewarding as well as provide most considerable tax benefits.

Here are some of the best reasons to invest in oil and gas real estate:
* Passive investment
* Turnkey, no further financial input is necessary
* Creates CASH FLOW for many years, typically 18+ yrs
* Are you making 15 to 50% annual ROI?
* You can invest via a self directed IRA
* 100% of investment is a tax write off
* Eligible investment under the 1031 Real Estate Exchange program
* No tenants
* No property maintenance (we take care of everything)
* No evictions
* No property depreciation