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Your mobile or smart phones an asset or liabilities?

Each time you came over to this site, you will see the same page. Nothing change! That does not mean this site is not updated. I purposely setting this as the landing page.

If you like to see the post that keep on updated and changed, you are welcome to check out [Blogs]

Why did I keep Tone Excel as the main and landing page? There is a reason behind this.

I started to have my 1st mobile phone back to year 1993 when I received an attractive bonus from the Netwotking Marketing business I involved. I spent about RM 1800 to buy the phone. I still rememebered that mobile phone is from Motorola and it is definitely a bit bulky compare with any slim smartphones today.

I applied to use the mobile phone as postpaid user with Celcom that time is because Celcom (010-xxx-xxxx) is the strongest ever cell phone provider which can reach most part of Malaysia, be it in urban or rular areas.

I not over boosting that time (in 1993) if you can have strong signal in the lift or underground car park, you have already make a perfect choice to choose the best ever telco provider.

Nobody ever tell me that, the moment I started to use a mobile phone with postpaid plan, it have been a liabilities to me. I guessed many are not aware of this.

If you are a prepaid users, not too happy yet. It still a liability to you.

Whatever does not give you cashflow, it is a liability. An asset is the one that can give you non stop cashflow. Those who read Robert Kiyosaki, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” will know about this.

So the question is “How To Turn Your Mobile (Or Smartphones) Into An Asset?” Watch the video below and read on you will know how.

The main purpose for me to keep this page as the main page of my site is I want to help more people to turn their phones from liability to an asset that can generate cashflow as long you are going to use the phone. Sound wonderful?

You can SMS or booking an appointment with me and I will explain in details how this work.

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Ask Yourself

  1. How long You Have Used Your Prepaid Phone?
  2. Do You Get These Benefits Each Time You Top Up?
  3. If Not, It Time To Change Your SIM Card (Retain Your Old Number)

To Get Started Is Easy

  1. Malaysia Citizen Aged 12 And Above.
  2. Non-Malaysia Citizen => Must Have Valid Passport + Working Permit + Bank Account.
  3. You Are A Hand Phone User.
  4. Have Bank Account.
  5. RM 90 To Create An Account.
    – Activation SIM Card (Or Retain Old Number)
    – Rebate RM 30 Free Airtime On Card.

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