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0392018118 RHB Is A Scam – Be Careful

Recently there is an active scam telemarketer on prowl looking for unsuspected victims, don’t fall to this dirty act. It is from this number 0392018118 or (03-92018118, (03-9201 8118) claiming to be from RHB Bank.

When I check my phone today, I saw a SMS stated I have voice msgs from this number. So when I dial 1313 (Celcom) to retrieve this messages. The operator system said that its regarding RHB Bank Credit Card that have pending transaction of RM 3972. Then the operator said, press 1 to approve transaction, press 5 to repeat & press 9 to operator assistant.

Since it is voice mail in my voice box, I did not call back the number. I suspected it is a scam based on these:-

  1. It said from credit card center (the numbers is not belong to RHB call center) Another thing is I have terminated the credit card with RHB a few years back.
  2. I never give (RHB bank) the number that telemarketer have called. The number I have in RHB bank is another number.
  3. Bank normally did not call for any pending transaction, their security system will SMS you about any transaction with their call center number. You are the one need to call the bank if you suspected the transaction is fraud and non activated by you. Not bank calling you!
  4. The women voice seem like foreigner not local lady.
Then the next thing I did is “Ask Google” Google knew everything right?  Laugh  I google “0392018118 RHB” then it lead to the answers I want.

I manage to get hold and embeded here the recording message. It is recorded by some net user that received the same call. Click Play button to listen to the recording message.

Record music and voice >>
So be careful not to release any personal information or password. Read at what other have said about this.