Invitation To XM Seminar

This email was sent to me today. Spam or not spam? Well, it is not spam anyway as I may have subscribed to this newsletter (or registered to their email list) I wanted to learn and perfect the trade in Forex.

The content of the email as follow.

Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to invite you to join us in Malaysia, Hotel Sheraton Imperial, Kuala Lumpur on 21st February, 2016 for a free forex seminar.

Come and learn how to use technical philosophy towards identifying and implementing trade best trades every day. This seminar will be presented by Marios Tradepedia Pashardes.

Places are limited so be sure to register now as space will be provided to the first come, first serve.

This seminar is 100% free to join. Please note that in order to register, you must maintain XM real accounts with a minimum balance of USD 50. If you still do not have a real account, you can open an account here.


Need Help?

At XM we speak in English, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Hungarian, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Hindi, Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, Czech, Slovakia, Bulgaria , Romania and the Netherlands. Our customer support service is open 24 hours a day, from Monday to Friday.

Thank you,

Team XM

© 2016 XM is the trading name of Trading Point Holdings Ltd.

What’s A Snooze Button?

What’s A Snooze Button ?

What’s a snooze button? You know that moment, when you stretch out your arms, refreshed, or stretch out a hand to slam snooze for the seventh time? That moment say a lot about the night you had and the day to come.  I think everyone deserves a better wake-up, with more energy and less “just five more minutes.” It all starts hour before when your head hits the perfect pillow, and you snuggle under your favorite quilt in your just-right-for-you bed. That’s the night time stuff that good days are made of.

“E” Quadrant (Employee) people need this snooze button more than “S” Quadrant (Self Employed) people. Why? This is because they need to wake up as early as possible to beat the traffic jam but their mind telling them, “let sleep for another 5 more minutes” This 5 more minutes can make a big different in the city traffic flow. Either you force yourself up or be late a tough and struggling decision to make for the day.

Both “B” & “I” (Business Owner) & (Investor) people don’t even need it as they can sleep until their eyes open naturally.

So which kind of people you like to position yourself in the ESBI Quadrants this coming 2016 new year? Remain the same old you as 2015 or decided it is time to make a change? No matter what your decision, it is entirely up to you.

There is another breed of new comer in town that don’t need the snooze button at all. They are know as Bitcoiners. If you did not know who are they, read more about it here. <= (Click)

Little Things That Matter

It’s The Little Things That Matter

In the big picture, they might look like small details. A gesture, a kind word, a twinkle in the eye.

Maybe it’s the handy step-stool that brings you closer together. Or the tray for breakfast, served right to the lap of loved one.

Such simple things can help the everyday to feel extraordinary. To encourage the moments that are special, that just seem to happen naturally.

We begins this year in and around the kitchen, where there are so many of these warm moments to enjoy.  Making great meals, great times and great impressions. It  revolves around them. The kitchen is a place where family gets together sharing meals and stories.


At the heart of the home lies the kitchen. From the preparation of simple everyday meals to elaborate dinner parties and family celebrations, it is where good times and good impressions are made.

Hmm…. It seems a fantasy. A place where food is easy and fun to grow, prepare, cook, taste, store and recycle. It does what we want, when we want it to. Where it feels like we can think bigger and bolder. The kitchen that helps us to bring out the most flavor from every moment of every day.

A dream? Only until we make it come true.

From here, to every other room in home, we can see how to make time and space for all the little things.

We know, the ones that really matter.