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Where The Everyday Begins

Where The Everyday Begins

The Everyday Is The Most Important Day

Where the everyday begins, there are moments in life that are special. And then there’s the everyday, all those Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays that makes up the days of our lives.

Always cherished the small moments in life. Those everyday happenings when everyone comes together doing the most or ordinary things. Like getting dressed, brush your teeth or lying on the bed doing nothing.

It’s for those everyday moments that makes life at home not only beautiful, but easier too. Because when your home works for the way you live, life itself will be simpler too.

Put the spotlight on two of the most important areas at home. Where you sleep and where you get ready for day and night. Because if everyone can make the everyday begin and end in a nicer way, just imagine the effect on life. Wouldn’t it simply be better?

Sleeping Bedroom

A good day starts with a good night’s sleep in your bedroom. And how you get that sleep is quite personal. It’s not only your bed. It’s your comfort zones, which is why it’s about time to create a space where you can feel completely comfortable.

A bedroom can be more than a place to sleep. It can also be a place to be together. Go beyond the bed and furnish it just as you like. For a space you want to stay in day and night. Sleeping comfortably all night is especially refreshing when you’ve made choices you feel good about.

Textiles, pillows and how hard or soft the mattress is matter, of course. So does feeling safe and being able to close out of the world for a moment.

Create a soothing space that’s uniquely where you can be you. A more relaxed, more refreshed you. Starting with untreated furniture saves you money and lets you be creative with paint colors and ideas you love.

Satiny sheets, handpicked accessories and a mirror wall give this room its glamour. The furniture just sets the stage. You don’t always need walls to create a new room. You can easily divide a space with room-dividing furniture, textiles and a bed with built-in storage.

It’s not about having a living room or a bedroom. Simply create a comfortable space that works for both relaxing and sleeping! With flexible furniture, you can go from day to night easily.

Curtain are a big deal in the bedroom. Controlling light is important for good sleep. Window treatments also offer privacy, comfort, style and energy efficiency.

Bringing more calm and relaxation into your everyday life starts here. Create an oasis for yourself and recharge in a space that’s free of clutter and full of softness.

Who says a calm bedroom can’t be filled with colors? It’s your very own private space, so let your personality shine through. For a bedroom that has a lot of heart and more of you.


While it’s the most private room in a home, its also the most public. Sometimes, the bathroom is just for you. Sometimes, it’s for everyone. It takes care a lot of needs, activities and people in only a few square metres.

By getting smart with storage for all the million personal little things you have, you can make room for feeling rejuvenated in even the tiniest of spaces. Better choices can make a big difference even in the tiniest of bathrooms. Water saving taps, LED lighting and waste sorting solutions are good for you and the planet.

The family bathroom doesn’t have to be bigger to work better. Smart, compact bathroom furniture gives you space to get ready together.

Taking a little extra care of yourself doesn’t take a lot of effort. To create a rejuvenating bathroom, think smart insides, calm outsides, and add a layer of soft textiles.

Yes, bathrooms are small but the walls are tall. So use them to your advantage. Hide everything behind closed doors and make space for a smoother routine.

Renovating is not the only path to a new bathroom. Everything from new shelves and towels to a new tap can make your space more refreshing with little effort and money.

Something that makes getting up and out the door every morning and into bed every night – more joyful for everyone. Its a good way to start and end each day!