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Wesak Day 2014

Wesak Day 2014 | Vesak Day

Today is Wesak Day. I have asked Caroline to join me to witness the float procession. Since she have a travel blog I guessed this event is good for her to promote Malaysia. At the same time she can do some video filming and shooting while I can take some photographs.

We reached Central Market by 6:30pm and we have our dinner here while waiting for the Wesak Day procession to begin. After dinner, we walked around the market and when the time came, we moved toward the area where the procession will pass by. It is in front of  the bus stop beside POS Malaysia. She was a bit concern about the safety but I  convince her that it will be safe as there are some policemen around that area.

Wesak Day 2014 - Caroline Fong, Caroline Shakira, CarolineFong, CarolineShakiraWesak Day 2014 – Caroline Posing With On Duty Policemen

Wesak Day 2014 - Caroline Fong, CarolineShakira, Caroline Fong, Caroline ShakiraWesak Day 2014 – Caroline Busy With Her Video Shooting

Police Car

A Police Car Was Seen Leading The Start Of Procession

Wesak Day 2014

A Devotee Sweat Bath After Walking A long Way Following The Procession

Wesak Day 2014 Procession

Wesak Day 2014

Buddhist Devotee Shave It Bald For Wesak Day 2014 Procession

Wesak Day 2014 - Stephen Hon, StephenHon

Wesak Day 2014 - Stephen Hon, StephenHon

Wesak Day 2014 - Stephen Hon, StephenHon

Picture with Ambulans crews members. They followed up with the procession, just in case of any emergency cases happen with the devotees, medical teams are there to help immediately.

Fat man no

Spotted this super size Bro raiding motorcycle and I have him snapped on my Canon DSLR camera, he asked me if I am from the press and he said, “No… No! I hate being in the news!” and definitely his body language spoke louder than his words.

Wesak Day 2014 - Nemo fish

Nemo with mother fish have been spotted to follow the Wesak Day 2014 procession too. It have swam all the way from Walt Disney Ocean to be here.