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Cell Phone Advantages And Disadvantages

Cell Phone Advantages And Disadvantages

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Cell Phone Advantages

  1. It became easier for people to communicate.
  2. Main purpose used is for communication.
  3. You can call to people worldwide.
  4. Keep in touch with friends and family.
  5. Can used to text messaging, Multi Media Service (MMS), email & internet access, chatting face to face, Instant Messaging (IM)
  6. Portability – it can fit nicely in your pocket, bag etc.
  7. Lightweight – you can carry anywhere with you so that you won’t miss important call.
  8. Good for emergency calls.
  9. If you are lost you can call for direction.
  10. Became most people best friend as it can help in most anyway.

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Cell Phone Disadvantages

  1. Harmful to human. Radiation from cell phone can cause cancer.
  2. Over expose to cell phone electromagnetic waves can cause health problem.
  3. It can break down brain defenses and increase risk of memory loss.
  4. Using cell phone while driving is seriously dangerous. It will distract the driver attention and cause accident.
  5. Text-ting while walking put yourself in danger as you are not alert and aware of what happening in your surrounding.
  6. Can interrupting and annoying in school, meeting or important assemblies.