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Toto Statistic 2 Win

Toto Statistic 2 WinToto Statistic 2 Win

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Statistics allow people to analyze and experiments of data. It helps you to make decisions. The main advantage of statistics is that information is presented in a way that is easy to analyze, which makes its conclusions easily accessible.

As the player of Sport Toto Malaysia, I have developed a statistic chart for my own reference and guide when playing the games (i.e 6/55, 6/58 and 6/63) You can have this chart too by purchasing it here.

All these statistic are sorted according to decending order (big to small – based on total hits) where the number with most hits being displayed first and ranking as no.1 The 2nd numbers will be rank as 2 and so on.

This ebook contain data of the following games

6/55 – Statistic data from 2009-2016 with start date 31-10-2009 – 31-12-2016
6/58 – Statistic data from 2010-2016 with start date 20-03-2010 – 31-12-2016
6/63 – Statistic data from 2015-2016 with Start date 21-03-2015 – 31-12-2016

If you are passionate player of Sports Toto games of Power 6/55, Supreme 6/58 & Grand 6/63 which rely on statistic data to make a decision, then this ebook is just right for you.


If your personal belief and religion forbid your playing the game, please don’t own (or purchase) this ebook.

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