Capricorn Club KL

Capricorn Club KL

FHM Top 100 Most Wanted Women 2014, finally came to end. After taken lot of photos, I can called it a night.

Before I arrived here, I was wondering where is this Capricorn Club? When I Google it, it said that this place before was known as The Butter Factory. As I check the map, I getting familiar with the place especially when I saw Wisma Cosway nearby.

When I used my Waze app to locate the location, I can found this place easily. Thanks a lot for this Waze Apps. It is recommended to me by Miss Tawau, Caroline Fong. I like to thank her too.

Capricorn Club KL
This is the last picture I have taken from Capricorn Club KL at the early morning. When I looked at my watch it is 12.14am. While walking to the car at the opposite open car park, I checked my smart phone and saw a miss call from a friend. I called him back before I drove back and have supper.

Candid Shots – Beautiful Lady

Candid Shots – Beautiful Lady

While the bands was performing on stage at Capricorn Club KL, I have noticed this sweet looking beautiful lady and have decided to do some candid shots of her.

Candid Shots - Sweet Pretty LadyDoes she knew that I have captured her on my Canon DSLR camera? All these shots was captured from 9:14 pm – 9.16pm Wink

Having DSLR camera with zoom lense was the best thing I ever have tonight as I can do candid shots from far away and the person I have captured with my camera might never knew that. What a nice naughty little adventure. Yes

Beautiful Girl

Stephen Hon | StephenHon

Get Down And Dirty

Get Down And Dirty

Get Down ANd Dirty

With the help of Waze Apps, I arrived at the Capricorn Club 7.05pm. Some early birds have arrived and queing to register. Not many people there yet. I guessed some on the way and some stucked at traffic jam. It still early for any function to begin.

The theme for this year FHM 100 Most Wanted Women In The World 2014 is “Get Down And Dirty” Google search from my smartphone shown that there are 108 million results base on this keywords.

One of the dictionary said these words refer to as “To be overly aggressive in physical activities.” / “Make the full effort.” / “Getting it on.” / “Having sex.” / “Getting down to business.” / “Revealling somebody’s personal info to do damage or put them down.”

You may wondering what the heck I am putting these up here. Well, the answer I can give to you is for SEO (Search Engine Optimazation) purpose. Yes

 Heart Isn’t it tonight is party time? Yeah! Let Party! Let Get Down And Dirty! Laugh  Heart

Get Down And Dirty - FHM - Stephen Hon | StephenHon

Get Down And Dirty - FHM Malaysia Models

FHM January 2015

FHM January 2015

FHM January 2015

When I passed by a bookstore nearby my place I lived, this magazine caught my attention. I decided to buy not because it is a magazine for men but it is because of the free entrance ticket to FHM 100 Most Wanted Women In The World 2014 event. It is scheduled to be held in Capricorn Club, Kuala Lumpur.

This is an event I like to look forward very much. Heart It a good bargain as it only cost RM 10 and I can see some beautiful women in the club on January 16th, 2015 Friday night. I am lucky today to get hold of this copy as normally a magazine with free entrance ticket to an event can be sold out very fast like hot cake.

I can see that the shop owner did stock up quite a number of it. Past few years it is quite hard for me to buy it from the bookshop. I used to hunt for it at petrol kiosk around the surrounding area.

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FHM Juanarury 2015 Ticket

FHM Juanarury 2015 Ticket

After I bought this magazine, I called my friend, TK Leong to check if he have the magazine as well. If he have bought it that mean he will coming to the event that day.

If can have him there is good for me and good for him too as we can help each other to take photos with beautiful women. I hate being around pretty women when I cannot take pictures with them.

If I am alone mean that I can only take pictures of these women (minus me standing beside them) that a waste!. Not mean that I cannot ask any audiences there to snap it for me but it just troublesome.

Believe it or not, these people sometime just don’t know how to handle camera. What a suppose to be a good and beautiful picture turned ugly when they press the snap button without checking the image whether it is really focus or blur.

Where The Everyday Begins

Where The Everyday Begins

The Everyday Is The Most Important Day

Where the everyday begins, there are moments in life that are special. And then there’s the everyday, all those Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays that makes up the days of our lives.

Always cherished the small moments in life. Those everyday happenings when everyone comes together doing the most or ordinary things. Like getting dressed, brush your teeth or lying on the bed doing nothing.

It’s for those everyday moments that makes life at home not only beautiful, but easier too. Because when your home works for the way you live, life itself will be simpler too.

Put the spotlight on two of the most important areas at home. Where you sleep and where you get ready for day and night. Because if everyone can make the everyday begin and end in a nicer way, just imagine the effect on life. Wouldn’t it simply be better?

Sleeping Bedroom

A good day starts with a good night’s sleep in your bedroom. And how you get that sleep is quite personal. It’s not only your bed. It’s your comfort zones, which is why it’s about time to create a space where you can feel completely comfortable.

A bedroom can be more than a place to sleep. It can also be a place to be together. Go beyond the bed and furnish it just as you like. For a space you want to stay in day and night. Sleeping comfortably all night is especially refreshing when you’ve made choices you feel good about.

Textiles, pillows and how hard or soft the mattress is matter, of course. So does feeling safe and being able to close out of the world for a moment.

Create a soothing space that’s uniquely where you can be you. A more relaxed, more refreshed you. Starting with untreated furniture saves you money and lets you be creative with paint colors and ideas you love.

Satiny sheets, handpicked accessories and a mirror wall give this room its glamour. The furniture just sets the stage. You don’t always need walls to create a new room. You can easily divide a space with room-dividing furniture, textiles and a bed with built-in storage.

It’s not about having a living room or a bedroom. Simply create a comfortable space that works for both relaxing and sleeping! With flexible furniture, you can go from day to night easily.

Curtain are a big deal in the bedroom. Controlling light is important for good sleep. Window treatments also offer privacy, comfort, style and energy efficiency.

Bringing more calm and relaxation into your everyday life starts here. Create an oasis for yourself and recharge in a space that’s free of clutter and full of softness.

Who says a calm bedroom can’t be filled with colors? It’s your very own private space, so let your personality shine through. For a bedroom that has a lot of heart and more of you.


While it’s the most private room in a home, its also the most public. Sometimes, the bathroom is just for you. Sometimes, it’s for everyone. It takes care a lot of needs, activities and people in only a few square metres.

By getting smart with storage for all the million personal little things you have, you can make room for feeling rejuvenated in even the tiniest of spaces. Better choices can make a big difference even in the tiniest of bathrooms. Water saving taps, LED lighting and waste sorting solutions are good for you and the planet.

The family bathroom doesn’t have to be bigger to work better. Smart, compact bathroom furniture gives you space to get ready together.

Taking a little extra care of yourself doesn’t take a lot of effort. To create a rejuvenating bathroom, think smart insides, calm outsides, and add a layer of soft textiles.

Yes, bathrooms are small but the walls are tall. So use them to your advantage. Hide everything behind closed doors and make space for a smoother routine.

Renovating is not the only path to a new bathroom. Everything from new shelves and towels to a new tap can make your space more refreshing with little effort and money.

Something that makes getting up and out the door every morning and into bed every night – more joyful for everyone. Its a good way to start and end each day!