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Get Down And Dirty

Get Down And Dirty

Get Down ANd Dirty

With the help of Waze Apps, I arrived at the Capricorn Club 7.05pm. Some early birds have arrived and queing to register. Not many people there yet. I guessed some on the way and some stucked at traffic jam. It still early for any function to begin.

The theme for this year FHM 100 Most Wanted Women In The World 2014 is “Get Down And Dirty” Google search from my smartphone shown that there are 108 million results base on this keywords.

One of the dictionary said these words refer to as “To be overly aggressive in physical activities.” / “Make the full effort.” / “Getting it on.” / “Having sex.” / “Getting down to business.” / “Revealling somebody’s personal info to do damage or put them down.”

You may wondering what the heck I am putting these up here. Well, the answer I can give to you is for SEO (Search Engine Optimazation) purpose. Yes

 Heart Isn’t it tonight is party time? Yeah! Let Party! Let Get Down And Dirty! Laugh  Heart

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