Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Credit cards welcome you to the plastic world. It is handy and can easily fit in any purse or wallet. You can go shopping without having the need to bring along any cash. No worry about losing or misplace the money.

Credit cards philosophy “Shop First, Pay Later” The idea seem fantastic but If you are young and like to use future money that have not yet earn, welcome to credit cards world.

Most banks or financial institutions who have qualified your application to have the credit cards are happy to have you in their network. They are more happy if you just pay 10% minimum every month of your purchase transactions.

Why so? If not this way, how they can encourage you to step in the debt graveyard by the time when you reaching older age?

Many people may not aware that having credit cards mean having a debt generator machine ready and standby 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year just for you.

Smart  and wiser people use the card during emergency time and pay all amount in full. Not so wise and not so smart users use the cards to buy anything he or she like and not make payment in full. To make matter worse, having more than 2 credit cards.