Important Tips

Important Tips


Important Tips On Safeguarding Your Credit Card On Card Spending

5 Useful Tips

  1. Sign your card immediately upon receipt by using a non erasable ball-point pen.
  2. Treat, value and protect your card as if it is cash. Keep your card secured and ensure that it is in your possession at all times and do not leave your card unattended especially when using your card at the merchants.
  3. Make sure all the details are recorded accurately before signing the charge slip.
  4. Void incorrect charge slips before you sign a new one.
  5. Check and ensure your card is returned by the merchant after every transaction.

Important Tips  On How To Protect Yourself From Being A Victim Of Fraud Or Theft

5 Useful Tips

  1. Always know where you keep your cards and ensure that it is in a secured place.
  2. Notify issuer credit card company, bank or financial institution immediately in the event your card is lost or stolen at Customer Care Hotline.
  3. Always check your credit statement for any discrepancy in the transactions that were posted to your card account. All disputes arising from the card member statement must be made or notified within 14 days from statement date.
  4. Always remember not to disclose your PIN to any unauthorized party and remember to change your PIN regularly for protection.
  5. Do not lend your credit card to others as it is exclusive for your own usage.

My Advice

Being a card member, use the credit cards when it is necessary and always pay the due amount in full. Never ever pay the minimum amount every month. This is to prevent yourself getting caught in unnecessary debt generated over the years. Followed my advice, you can thank me later.

If you can’t do this,  do not own one. Get a debit card instead. This message is clear, direct and sincerely came from my own heart. Listen to my advice will save yourself from this problem in future.

Ignore this, well…. what can I say? That your own problem and non of my business. Welcome to a high tech life for having a super fast debt generator machine on your own hand. Good luck and wish you all the best.

I have walked the path before and knew what hell is like.