Who Calls Me 0392121976

Who Calls Me 0392121976

Who Calls Me 0392121976, 03-92121976, 03-9212 1976 (92121976, 9212 1976)

On 4th July, around 5pm, I received a call from number “00” and ask to speak to (my full name) It is a male, speaking in English (sound like a westerner) and surprising how he knew my full name?

I: “He is not around”

He: “What do you mean he is not alone?”

I: “He went out, I am using his phone!”

He: “Oh! …” (And hang out)

I smile and I said to myself, “Am I smart?” Sure I am, I have succeeded playing a prank on him.

Today I received the call from “00” again but I did not answer. I just pressed ignore to cut it off and it rang again, I pressed ignore again and it rang the 3rd time. As soon I pressed ignore the 3rd time this number 0392121976 appeared on my phone screen.

I answered but no one said anything so I hang up. So who is 0392121976? As usual I always use Google search to find unidentified phone numbers, Read [here] to see what I have found out.