Year End

Year End

Year end is a time dedicated to life’s sweet moments, traditions and adventures both big and small. It’s a time of ‘doing less and enjoying more’ as we revel in a well-deserved break and start to work on those resolutions (rehashed or otherwise)

To truly enjoy the season, we need to rediscover the simple things that make us truly happy – simple gesture that speak of compassion, love and care that make every moment special.

For goal pursuer and achiever, this is the time to review what you have achieved, what you have not and how to re-plan again to make it happen. Anything you need to do better? Then just do it and go all out for it!

I wish one and all a purposeful and meaningful year-end with family and friends and many special moments to treasure.

Single Half Century Man

Single Half Century Man

Today is my Birthday. On this day I am a single half century man. It is a great blessing that I still wake up and live on with my life. I have left several millions of foot prints on this earth.

Happy Birthday Half Century To Myself

Bitcoin Address

Bitcoin Address

I am in the process of building up a blog site which will be a priceless resources to Bitcoin new comers or Bitcoin newbies. This site will share various of opportunities on how to get more bitcoin for free to your wallet. It also contain the news, the price movement of Bitcoin.

This will be my long term goal and project in order to help educating  more and more people on Bitcoin cryptocurrency. How it will effect our live in years to come, it history… how it get started and the challenges it have face to come this far.

Hopefully this blog will give you more insights and an idea of what bitcoin is.

I have a dream and a short term goal at this moment. It is to achieve 1 BTC (1 BitCoin) in my Bitcoin wallet starting totally from zero (0) If I can achieve it, it mean that you can too.

You are welcome to help me if you like to. Here is my Bitcoin Address. For those have helped, I like to say “Thank You”

I will use the fund to pay out on the blog hosting and domain name fee through the year. You can check out the website here. <=

Sports Toto

Recently I have been to a mamak restaurant quite frequently due to the following reasons

  1. Convenience parking
  2. No GST
  3. Have WiFi
  4. Next to Magnum 4D & da ma cai gaming outlet
  5. Two – three blocks walk to Sports Toto outlet
  6. Gathering place for all the players (Magnum 4D, da ma cai & Sports Toto players.

This is not high class  and luxury place. Food not so great but the best thing is the owner let you use the free WiFi, provided electrical socket for you to charge your tablet, mobile phone and computer though it is limited slot available.

It just not like other high class mamak restaurant, charging GST and increase foods price. Provide free WiFi but give you the look “why you still here” when you hang there long enough and the most ridiculous thing is you can see a sticker stick to the electrical socket wall “RM 1 For 1 Hour” When you look around, you saw that their refrigerator or other electrical items used more electricity than charging your mobile or tablet!

Ok I am not talking about the food & beverage or mamak restaurant service here but I am talking about what “special” about this place.

When the shop first open for business several months back, it is just like normal restaurant => foods, drink, WiFi, large screen TV and customers.

As the days goes by you see more foreign security guards hanging around there. Why? This is because there is a security firm nearby and this restaurant used to be their hang out place while waiting for the security van to pick them up and dispatch them to working places.

Soon more foreign construction workers hanging there for tea time break as there are 2 large ongoing construction site under development a few block away.

Magnum 4D outlet nearby used to draw large crowd of people during normal draw days (Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday) and Special Draw days (Tuesday on 1st and last week of the month) and jamming the roadside with illegal double parking just for the sake of buying their lucky numbers.

Traffic put on the crawl bumper to bumper from 6pm – 7pm. After 7pm, the traffic will be smooth drive after all 3 gaming outlets close the shop for business.

Slowly this restaurant became the hang out place of Magnum 4D players. A good place to gather for tea time, discuss or predict what numbers will strike on coming evening draw.

What did I observed? The most happy person first I saw is the restaurant owner. He have won all the time as foods and drinks being sold. He have achieved his task for the day and very important for every  restaurant business.

Next the most common pattern I saw is the players clearly divided into 2 groups. Smokers and non smokers, this happening in every places where people gather unless smoking being ban in the place.

There are a lot of discussing, predicting, talking, laughing

01-12-2015, total Estimated Jackpot for Magnum 4D

  • 4D Jackpot – Jackpot 1 RM 31,018,000.00
  • 4D Jackpot –  Jackpot 2 RM 364,000.00
  • 4D Jackpot Gold – Jackpot 1 RM 4,292,000.00
  • 4D Jackpot Gold – Jackpot 2 RM 162,000.00

By the time I published this (01-12-2015), total Estimated Jackpot for Sports Toto as below

  • 4D Toto – RM 12,660,000.00 (Jackpot 1)
  • 4D Toto – RM 100,000.00 (Jackpot 2)
  • Grand 6/63 – RM 31,229,000.00
  • Supreme 6/58 – RM 38,521,000.00
  • Power 6/55 – RM 12,173,000.00

Who will be the next Millionaire?

If you need a tool to generate permutation numbers, you can use this Permutations Generator.

DISCLAIMER: is NOT responsible for any accuracy and losses due to these forecast. Use it on your own risks.