Who Is 0322962000 ?

Who Is 0322962000 ? I have received several calls from this number 0322962000 (or 03-22962000 / 03-2296 2000) on my mobile (smart phone) Since I have set to silent mode all the time, it displayed a miss call message on the screen.

I called back to check who it is but it can never get through. Telemarketers, scam artists or pranksters in action again? Should be. If not why can they call you and you can’t call them? Why so secret? This clearly indicated that they did not want to be trace or revealing their identity.

Always be on alert first when getting suspicious phone call and think wisely before you act. Never ever disclose password, pin number, personal details of any kind when happened in communication with scammers.

Who Is 0322962000? As a loyal “fan” of Google, I always checked it through their powerful search engine and it lead me to these sites listed below. Google knew everything right? That right!

Some said it from survey company, debt collector, asking for free sex Laugh  etc. Whoever it is and you like to find out more…. Just read it through and decided what you need to do next when you are the “victim” of this caller again.

According to a site, this phone number 0322962000 was searched for more than 841 times. Read the comments below to find out information about this number.

Hope the comments from users will help you to avoid a nuisance call. [More Info Here – Site 1 – WhoCallsMe] [Site 2 – 800Notes] [Site 3 – FindWhoCallsYou] [Site 4 – Show-Caller]

Smart phones are definitely smart. Scammers are smart too. How smart are you? Most smart phone have block or blacklist certain numbers function built in. Use it to block off unwanted calls and they won’t bug you for the rest of your life.