Pokemon Go

Discover Pokémon In The Real World With Pokémon GO!

Pokemon Go was released in Malaysia today but I am not excited and crazy like other. It don’t even create any burning desire for me unless it can help me make some money.

As far I knew I already earn some Satoshi playing bitcoin game at home, when I wait for food at restaurant, inside toilet etc. I no need to walk around to hunt for it.

If the forex chart moving I can do some good trades at home or with my smartphone rather walk around to catch something that can see but cannot touch. It just waste of time but I did not object for those who go for it. [Game Officially Facebook Page]


  1. You Can Now Catch ‘em All: ‘Pokemon Go’ Released In Malaysia. – 6th August, 2016 [Read More]

Guidelines Enjoying The Game Safely

  1. Play in pairs or as a group.
  2. Watch where you are walking. Be alert of your surrounding areas.
  3. Refrain from playing the game while driving a vehicle or operating dangerous heavy machinery.
  4. Do not trespass onto restricted areas and private properties.
  5. Do not take pictures of restricted areas.
  6. Be aware that you are potentially sharing data with others.
If you have been willing to trade your time to play this game and start to earn some money, I have done some google search and listed here below I have provided the resources you may want to take a look and give it a try.  Go hunting and pocket some extra income. Good Luck & All the best!


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Pokemon Go Videos

  1. Discover Pokémon In The Real World With Pokémon GO! [Watch]

Negative Side Of Pokemon Go

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  2. Singapore Government To Monitor Impact Of Pokemon Go On Society. – 25th July, 2016 [Read More]
  3. Pokémon Go May Have Full Access To Your Google Account. – 11th July, 2016 [Read More]

What Bad Things Can Happen To You


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One Million Dollar Forex World Championship – Round 3

1 Million Dollar Forex Championship

I am new in Forex trading but I am joining  world first “The One Million Forex World Championship” – Round 3. It started today. If you are experience traders, how about be part of it and knock down the No. 1 rank to No. 2? You need to have active trade account to join this competition for free.

One Million Dollar Forex World Championship

If you like me to invite through email, leave your email at comment area and I will email you an invitation. Benefit of joining though invitation email will gain you 150 XM points  if you satisfy trade terms & condition.

Open an XM Real Account and trade just 1 standard round turn lot or 100 micro round turn lots (position to be held for more than 10 minutes) after the first deposit, will reward you with 150 XM Points.

Remember that XM Points can be accumulated and redeemed at any time for credit bonuses and real cash rewards.

3rd Round competition is on running now and will be ended on 7th September, 2016, sign up and be part of it now.

One Million Dollar Forex World Championship – Round 2 – Final Result

1 Million Dollar Forex Championship

World first “The One Million Dollar Forex World Championship” – Round 2 have been ended. There are total of 20215 registrants. My rank in this round is 14149.

It is free to enter with condition that you have registered a real trade account.

During the event, everyone was given virtual money of Start Amount $10,000. This money is not real and cannot be withdrawn. It is mean to be use by registrants for this competition only. At the end of competition, top 90 traders will be received some real prize money that will be deposit to their real trade account. This money can be used to trade or withdrawn.

Listed here is a brief result of the competition. I will not go in detail of each win but I can share what currency pair they have traded and Won / (or Lost)

The Top 1 Winner (Winning Trade)

[EUR/JPY] traded 35x, [EURUSD] traded 1x,  [GBP/USD] traded 9x and [USD/JPY] traded 48x. This person (hasen) only use “Stop Loss” 1x and “Take Profit” for 32x through out the whole month of competition while other transactions are just manual closing (be it win or lost)

One Million Dollar Forex World Championship Round 2 Final Result