Beware Of Macau Scam

Macau Scam

Warning over ‘Macau’ scamming syndicate – Nation | The Star Online

MALACCA: The public has been advised to be wary of a “Macau” syndicate whose members masquerade as police or bank officers via email to scam unsuspecting victims. State police chief SAC Datuk Chuah Ghee Lye said there were nine cases of cheating by the syndicate from January to September this year compared with 23 cases during the same period last year.

Macau Scam” have been around for sometime yet still, quite a number of unsuspecting people have became the victims. Police have carried out their duties well and have busted these syndicates from time to time but new copycat syndicates will resurface.

To prevent us become the next victim, we need to have the knowledge, be alert, be careful most the time and take extra precautions.

 Today, I have received a SMS that have informed me about this.

“RM0 BNM alert! beware of phone calls or emails you receive. BNM/bank/PDRM will never require you to disclose your PIN or transfer your money to another account.”

Note: BNM here refer to Bank Negara Malaysia / PDRM = Polis Diraja Malaysia

To keep youself better knowledge about “Macau Scam” read the news I have grouping below.

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  • Penang Cops Bust Big-time Internet Scam Syndicate [06/01/2012]
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  • Cops Nab 50 Foreigners, Smash International Scam Syndicate [24/12/2012]

Macau scam ring busted – Nation | The Star Online

PETALING JAYA: An international syndicate involved in a “Macau scam”, where victims were cheated of millions of ringgit here, has been smashed. Police officers uncovered the scam when they raided two places in Section 12 here and in Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

  • Macau Scam Ring Busted [25/12/2012]
  • Police Call Out ‘Macau Scam’ [19/01/2013]
  • Cops Bust International Syndicate, Nab 9 Taiwanese, 1 China National [21/11/2013]
  • Malacca Police Smash ‘Macau Scam’ Syndicate [22/11/2013]

Seeing red over white collar crimes – Nation | The Star Online

PETALING JAYA: A whopping RM1.775bil was lost through scams, embezzlement, criminal breach of trust and other white collar crimes last year. The amount, which almost equals the state budget of Selangor, reflects the low level of awareness about such crimes among Malaysians.

  • Seeing Red Over White Collar Crimes [17/02/2014]
  • Cops Nab Two Taiwanese Involved In Macau Scam [01/07/2014]

Macau scam ring busted in JB – Nation | The Star Online

JOHOR BARU: Police uncovered an international syndicate involved in a “Macau scam” with the arrest of two Taiwanese nationals at a hotel in Kluang. The syndicate is believed to have been active for the past several months. They even rented 22 rooms at the hotel that were turned into their call centre for their illegal activities.

  • Macau Scam Ring Busted In JB [02/07/2014]
  • Police: “Macau Scam” Now Targeting Other Communities [08/07/2014]