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Favorite Articles After PRU-14

Favorite Articles After PRU-14

Before PRU-14 (Pilihan Raya Umum ke-14) or GE14 (General Election 14) I did not spend much time on online news or political blogs as nothing much seem to interest me. Most of the articles or news printed are bias toward the then ruling government, BN (Barisan Nasional)

It portray how great BN is, how ego they are with its mega projects, how much $$$ collection they have collected from the public on GST and so on…. etc. So proud…. so arrogant!

But now BN (UMNO / MCA / MIC) news drew much more of my interest everyday. Every day news seem to be much more interesting than yesterday’s history. I like to read now on how they will act after it huge loses by “Tsunami Malaysia” or “Malaysian Tsunami” in PRU14. Can they become great opposition parties for Pakatan Harapan government?

Listed below are the articles, blogs or news I have read through and love it very much. I have compiled it all here and hope this will save your time in finding or searching it on your own. Hope you enjoying reading it as much as I am!

Frankly speaking, you won’t have the chance to read these if Pakatan Harapan have lost the GE14 on 9th May, 2018 but luckily the rakyat tsunami indeed have happened in bigger scale that able to push Pakatan Harapan to Putrajaya as a new government!

For your information, some of these are in Bahasa Melayu (Bahasa Malaysia) If you have trouble in understanding this language, you can always use Google translate to your readable language.

Among the interesting articles (news, blogs etc) that worth sharing are

  1. 900 Bank Accounts Believed to Receive Money From 1MDB Frozen By MACC (29/06/2018, World Of Buzz)
  2. Investigation Extends Into UMNO As MACC Follows The Money Trail Of Billions (29/06/2018, The Star Online)
  3. Bank Accounts Of Malaysia Party UMNO Frozen By Anti-graft Agency (28/06/2018, Asia One)
  4. Keluarnya Sarawak Petanda Kehancuran BN (12/06/2018, The Malaysian Insight)
  5. Pelaburan Jepun di Malaysia, Apa Yang UMNO Tidak Tahu (12/06/2018, The Malaysia Insight)
  6. We At Barisan Were In Slumber As Mahathir Stole The Election (11/06/2018, The Third Force)
  7. Really, UMNO? WAKE UP! (10/06/2018, New Straits Times)