Worldcup 2014

Boys ! Or men? It time for the Worldcup 2014 fever to get the heat up on again. This is also the time you will heard from some women complaining that their men or love one have been missing from the bed. Reason… The bf / husband stay up late to catch the ball (games) on TV and no longer playing it in the bedroom! Some mischievous one stay out late with friends at mamak restaurant shouting all their way out, cheering on each gol scored and condemning cursing for the gol that was lost or went wrong direction.

Playboy TH Soccer Team – Game On! – Playboy Thailand | Facebook

PlayBoy Thailand National Football Team World Cup 2014 Brazil

PlayBoy Thailand National Football Team World Cup 2014 Brazil Extended Version

Playboy Sexy Worldcup 2014

Raquel Pomplun – Hornitos World Cup 2014
Ladies … head up! How can you lost your playmate on bed when you can bunny acting like the women on the video? How can you so sure he will stay away catching ball outside rather playing the balls with you inside the bedroom ?

5 Sexiest Girlfriend / Wife Of 2014 FIFA World Cup

What Am I Doing With My Life

What Am I Doing With My Life?

I Have Reached

I Have Reached

I Have Reached A Point In Life

One City Skypark

One City Skypark

One City Skypark, I came to know this place when someone on the facebook share about it. She said the main attraction on this building is the glass floor. Normally we see people from head to toe but here you will see people from the bottom of their feet to their head, something different.

Definitely I have not seen something like this before, so out of curiosity I have decided to go there to see for myself and experience it. To find out the exact location, I have Google it and landed on the main web site.

I drove to this place from Jalan 223 after settle some of my business matter. It around 4:30pm and luckily not so jam up yet at Federal Highway. After passing by IOI mall and Tesco Puchong, I lost my direction. I did not use Waze to lead me to this place as my ipad Waze sometime crazy one. Most of the time it tell me that no GPS have detected and stop functioning. Luckily I can still depend on Google Map and finally I made it. Parked the car and snap the parking location.CarPark

Ground floor mostly occupied by restaurant of any kind. It have Japanese, Korean, Italian, Western, local etc. Guess it a good place for foodie bloggers. It is more than enough for them to walk in and out of all the restaurants in the entire day and blog their review.

Charlie Chaplin One City Skypark
I noticed that many have mentioned this on their foodies blog, if you are foodies, have you miss this one out?

One City Skypark

One City Skypark Lift

The signature of this place almost 75% of it made from glass. Even the lifts are glass can see through, nothing to hide. There is a fitness center and a Premium Cinema located on the 2nd floor of this mall. In the Premium cinema, it have 12  others mini cinema in it.

One City Cinema + Fitness One City Skypark

If you look up the 10th floor, you will see the Skypark above you. Wow! The floor is glass, guess lady with skirt will not like to be there walking across it unless you have something to display.Smile

I noticed that not many ladies here wear skirt, mostly wear pant or hot pant. No worry, those who wear skirt need not walk across the skypark. Even if you walked, it is 10th floor from the ground. Only those have super zoom camera can get to snap some unexpected pictures.

One City Skypark - StephenHon | Stephen Hon

Yeah! Finally I am at the 10th floor of Skypark. I am scare of height but put up courage to walk across the glass floor, though a bit scare if it can support my weight. If this glass floor going to break, I will be 10th floor below… touch wood but it surely made my legs a bit weak and shivering. Silly me, I guess many have walk across this path without breaking the glass right?

One City Skypark Roof Top Day ViewOne City Skypark Roof Top Nice Day View

After brief survey, ladies with skirt still OK to be here. There are path you can walk through skip away the glass floor. Well if you daring enough why not. This does not mean those inside the mall can see you. If really have someone below can see above you, consider that guy have eyes luck loh…. Razz

Ok… Whatever you can see here are normal and nothing special but have you ever think what the people inside the mall can see? Hmm… what they can capture if they have super zoom lens camera? I manage to capture this at certain place below the Skypark. Now let see what other people below can see…..

One City Skypark

Looking at these picture above, it seem like telling… see I have super power. I am walking on the air Smile or I can float right? After witness with my eyes at this Skypark, I could agree that I am looking at you people from the bottom of the feet to the head. I am no longer looking you from head to toe. Maybe this can be so call “Look thing at different perspective?”

Wait a minute! You said I mention 10th floor from ground? Then how come I can get these pictures that seem so close? Yes! I did mention that but don’t forget what is below 10th floor? It is 9th floor, 8th floor and so on right? People on these floor no need super zoom camera also can see your bottom up clearly la… It is most people on top of the glass floor not able to see what is below clearly.

One City Skypark

Base on this picture, I guess ladies sure have the answer by now. They will be wondering, “If I walk this path wearing skirt at that moment, what can it turn out to be?” I guess those wear long pant or hot pant may have aware of this or someone may have told her. Yet when I am at 10th Floor of Skypark, I still saw some ladies wearing skirt that have walked the glass floor. Are they aware? or Aren’t they?

Maybe she is, maybe not. If she knew that and still dare to walked that path meaning that she don’t mind. She is bold and daring. To her showing some nothing more like just wearing bikini and this I totally agreed. Now a day some women even more daring, some never bother to wear any panty when she going out and that not a big deal to her too. It just that me and you did not find out and she surely knew better why she did not wear it.

Do & Don’t Rules

  1. Never walk this path with high heel for ladies as the glass floor can be very slippery unless you want to prove how good you are in it.
  2. Exercise extra precaution after drizzling or rain. The glass floor can be very slippery when there is water on it unless you want to try how it feel landed hard on your bum and do some wet sliding on the surface.
  3. Wear long pant or hot pant for ladies unless you want to display to people below 10th floor what you have. If this is your intention then go ahead with the skirt as long you are comfortable with it. Anybody below that have eyes luck that moment will be very grateful to you.
  4. For ladies that wear hot pant, try not to sit on the glass surface unless you want to show off how nice and sexy butt you have.
  5. Never jump to test the strength of the glass. Each pieces of glasses have it strength and weak points. The most fragile point is on the center. Jumping mean added more pressure to it. You may want to impress or scare the girl you have brought along but have you ever thought of this before you jump? It may hold the weight of thousand of people that may have walked the path but it may not hold the pressure of hundred of people that may have jumped. So think before you jump.

One City Skypark Nightview

One City Skypark Nice Night View

One City Skypark Night View

National Achievers Congress

National Achievers Congress 2014, Malaysia

Nick Vujicic(Picture Courtesy From NationalAchieversCongress)

Nick Vujicic, limbless Australian motivational speaker, got married with with Kanae Miyahara on February 10th, 2012 in California.

Hawaii Holiday-Nick Vujicic motivational speaker born without limbs enjoys beach getaway with wife son (12th April, 2014)

Today will be the 3rd days of National Achievers Congress 2014. This will be the final round of 3 days event which was held at The Mines Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. The main attraction of today event will be definitely focus on Nick Vujicic who was born no arms, no legs, no limits. Special thank to Success Resources for bringing him live in Malaysia.

Speakers for the day are Kieron Sweeney, Kathlyn Toh, Eben Daniel Miller, Gerry Robert and Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is World Renowned Inspirational Speaker and Best-Selling Author. Without any medical explanation or warning, Nick Vujicic was born with neither arms nor legs. Growing up, Nick had to learn to accomplish tasks like cleaning teeth, brushing hair, typing. sports and personal challenges of being bullied in school and depression.

As time went by, Nick began to embrace his situation and understand his purpose in life. He obtained a double degree in accounting and financial planning and since his first speaking engagement at 19, he has traveled the world, speaking to millions of people; students, teachers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, heads of state and has been interviewed on Oprah and 20/20.

Now happily married and a father, Nick shares with his audiences the importance of dreaming big. He challenges others to examine their perspective, look beyond their circumstances and see obstacles as opportunities for growth.

Nick Vujicic, No Arms. No Legs. No Limits.

Day 3 (Final Day)

7:50am – I drove to The Mines Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Reached there at 8:25am, have breakfast and then joined the final day event.

6:20pm – Finally, the most waited moment came, it is time for Nick Vujicic to give his speech as the closing of NAC 2014. Everyone got excited, all have stand up to take pictures and video.

My eyes running tears naturally when he share that moment he attempted suicide when he is at the age of 10. He have share 8 powerful Principles that he have used when facing challenges and obstacles.

  1. You Don’t Know What You Can Achieve Until You Try.
  2. Attitude Of Gratitude For Being Thankful.
  3. When I Fail I Will Try Again.
  4. Failure = Education.
  5. Obstacles = Opportunities.
  6. Dream Big.
  7. Never Give Up.
  8. Have Faith.

His Published Books

1) Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life

2) Limitless: Devotions for a Ridiculously Good Life

3) Stand Strong: You Can Overcome Bullying (and Other Stuff That Keeps You Down)

4) Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action


Nick Vujicic DVD: NICK Biography of a Determined Man

8:20pm – When the event finally came to end, I hanged around to take some pictures. When I looked out from the glass wall at 1st floor toward main road, the scene is scary!

Traffic Jam

Day 2 (24th May, 2014)

Speakers for day 2 are Andrew Matthews, Caroline Claydon, Adam Ginsberg, Shiv Khera, Tom Hopkins

Day 1 (23rd May, 2014)

Wake up at 5:30am, doing some blog update. Get ready and drove to The Mines Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, at 7:30am and reached there by 8:2oam. As expected, there are huge jammed turtle crawling to the car park.

Spearkers for Day 1 are John Burley, Andrew Matthew, Peng Joon, JT. Foxx, Cayden Chang & Sean Seah,