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National Achievers Congress

National Achievers Congress 2014, Malaysia

Nick Vujicic(Picture Courtesy From NationalAchieversCongress)

Nick Vujicic, limbless Australian motivational speaker, got married with with Kanae Miyahara on February 10th, 2012 in California.

Hawaii Holiday-Nick Vujicic motivational speaker born without limbs enjoys beach getaway with wife son (12th April, 2014)

Today will be the 3rd days of National Achievers Congress 2014. This will be the final round of 3 days event which was held at The Mines Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. The main attraction of today event will be definitely focus on Nick Vujicic who was born no arms, no legs, no limits. Special thank to Success Resources for bringing him live in Malaysia.

Speakers for the day are Kieron Sweeney, Kathlyn Toh, Eben Daniel Miller, Gerry Robert and Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is World Renowned Inspirational Speaker and Best-Selling Author. Without any medical explanation or warning, Nick Vujicic was born with neither arms nor legs. Growing up, Nick had to learn to accomplish tasks like cleaning teeth, brushing hair, typing. sports and personal challenges of being bullied in school and depression.

As time went by, Nick began to embrace his situation and understand his purpose in life. He obtained a double degree in accounting and financial planning and since his first speaking engagement at 19, he has traveled the world, speaking to millions of people; students, teachers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, heads of state and has been interviewed on Oprah and 20/20.

Now happily married and a father, Nick shares with his audiences the importance of dreaming big. He challenges others to examine their perspective, look beyond their circumstances and see obstacles as opportunities for growth.

Nick Vujicic, No Arms. No Legs. No Limits.

Day 3 (Final Day)

7:50am – I drove to The Mines Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Reached there at 8:25am, have breakfast and then joined the final day event.

6:20pm – Finally, the most waited moment came, it is time for Nick Vujicic to give his speech as the closing of NAC 2014. Everyone got excited, all have stand up to take pictures and video.

My eyes running tears naturally when he share that moment he attempted suicide when he is at the age of 10. He have share 8 powerful Principles that he have used when facing challenges and obstacles.

  1. You Don’t Know What You Can Achieve Until You Try.
  2. Attitude Of Gratitude For Being Thankful.
  3. When I Fail I Will Try Again.
  4. Failure = Education.
  5. Obstacles = Opportunities.
  6. Dream Big.
  7. Never Give Up.
  8. Have Faith.

His Published Books

1) Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life

2) Limitless: Devotions for a Ridiculously Good Life

3) Stand Strong: You Can Overcome Bullying (and Other Stuff That Keeps You Down)

4) Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action


Nick Vujicic DVD: NICK Biography of a Determined Man

8:20pm – When the event finally came to end, I hanged around to take some pictures. When I looked out from the glass wall at 1st floor toward main road, the scene is scary!

Traffic Jam

Day 2 (24th May, 2014)

Speakers for day 2 are Andrew Matthews, Caroline Claydon, Adam Ginsberg, Shiv Khera, Tom Hopkins

Day 1 (23rd May, 2014)

Wake up at 5:30am, doing some blog update. Get ready and drove to The Mines Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, at 7:30am and reached there by 8:2oam. As expected, there are huge jammed turtle crawling to the car park.

Spearkers for Day 1 are John Burley, Andrew Matthew, Peng Joon, JT. Foxx, Cayden Chang & Sean Seah,

Wesak Day 2014

Wesak Day 2014 | Vesak Day

Today is Wesak Day. I have asked Caroline to join me to witness the float procession. Since she have a travel blog I guessed this event is good for her to promote Malaysia. At the same time she can do some video filming and shooting while I can take some photographs.

We reached Central Market by 6:30pm and we have our dinner here while waiting for the Wesak Day procession to begin. After dinner, we walked around the market and when the time came, we moved toward the area where the procession will pass by. It is in front of  the bus stop beside POS Malaysia. She was a bit concern about the safety but I  convince her that it will be safe as there are some policemen around that area.

Wesak Day 2014 - Caroline Fong, Caroline Shakira, CarolineFong, CarolineShakiraWesak Day 2014 – Caroline Posing With On Duty Policemen

Wesak Day 2014 - Caroline Fong, CarolineShakira, Caroline Fong, Caroline ShakiraWesak Day 2014 – Caroline Busy With Her Video Shooting

Police Car

A Police Car Was Seen Leading The Start Of Procession

Wesak Day 2014

A Devotee Sweat Bath After Walking A long Way Following The Procession

Wesak Day 2014 Procession

Wesak Day 2014

Buddhist Devotee Shave It Bald For Wesak Day 2014 Procession

Wesak Day 2014 - Stephen Hon, StephenHon

Wesak Day 2014 - Stephen Hon, StephenHon

Wesak Day 2014 - Stephen Hon, StephenHon

Picture with Ambulans crews members. They followed up with the procession, just in case of any emergency cases happen with the devotees, medical teams are there to help immediately.

Fat man no

Spotted this super size Bro raiding motorcycle and I have him snapped on my Canon DSLR camera, he asked me if I am from the press and he said, “No… No! I hate being in the news!” and definitely his body language spoke louder than his words.

Wesak Day 2014 - Nemo fish

Nemo with mother fish have been spotted to follow the Wesak Day 2014 procession too. It have swam all the way from Walt Disney Ocean to be here.

Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo

Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo 2014

Taste fully Food & Beverage Expo 2014 - Stephen Hon - StephenHon

Taste fully Food & Beverage Expo 2014 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

Taste fully Food & Beverage Expo - Stephen Hon - StephenHon - Caroline Fong - CarolineFong - CarolineShakira - Caroline Shakira

Stephen Hon With Caroline Fong (Caroline Shakira)

Taste fully Food & Beverage Expo - Stephen Hon - StephenHon - Caroline Fong - CarolineFong - CarolineShakira - Caroline Shakira

I came to know about this expo from Caroline. She have invited me to join her. Since I have a lot of free time, this is not a problem for me.

What are the thing you can expect here?

  • You can leave a loving message to your mum for Mother Day.
  • Listen to stage talks and demonstrations on how to keep your body healthy, preparing nutritious meal for yourself and family.
  • Free blood test to scan through your body condition.  What are the thing you need to do, what foods to eat and what are not. How to detox your body from harmful toxin using organic fruit juices and food supplements.
  • You can mingle around with booth operators to widen your network circle. If you are interested in the foods or items they have displayed or promoted, you can build up business partnership with them.
  • Lot of free foods and drink for you to sample. If you like to eat variety of things, you can sampling here.
  • Awareness and updated of latest health products, foods, kitchen tools and machinery. This can increase your knowledge.
  • If you like to take photos or video of happening event or expo, I guess it is a good place for you to do so.
  • Good place for you to kill your time if you have nothing better to do. If you have missed this one, be here again the next year. Welcome to Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo 2014