FHM 100 Most Wanted 2013

FHM 100 Most Wanted 2013

FHM 100 Most Wanted 2013

FHM 100 Most Wanted 2013 - Stephen Hon & StephenHon

FHM 100 Most Wanted 2013 - Stephen Hon & StephenHon

FHM 100 Most Wanted

FHM 100 Most Wanted Women 2013

I was on the way back to my hometown. While stopping at a petrol kiosk, this magazine have caught my attention! The reason….. there is a free ticket on it that allow me go to a party on January 24th, 2014. Without thinking much, I bought the magazine.

Immediately then I called up a friend to ask him if he aware of the FHM 100 Most Wanted Women In The World 2013 party. He said he did and have bought the same magazine as well. The reason I called him is to make sure that he will be there as I need a friend that can help me to hold the camera for me when I post with some models.

I love this petrol kiosk as it is always the only kiosk that have always have some extra FHM magazine for me when I needed it the most.


I always have difficulty to get this magazine on bookstore and it going to sell out fast like hot cake every time new one being launched to the market. I won’t tell you which petrol kiosk as you all will be rushing there when you need the one with free entrance ticket of FHM activities. When this happened, I will be left out when I really need to buy the magazine. Sorry…

Well what I can tell you is ….. you need to put in some effort to get what you want. No such thing as free lunch right? Even there is a free lunch, you need to be there to get it. There are so many bookstores, 7-11 kiosk and petrol kisok for you to check it out. I am sure you can get it when you really out to go for it!

FHM 100 Most WantedFHM 100 Most Wanted Women 2013 Magazine, January 2014 Issue

FHM 100 Most Wanted Free Ticket

FHM 100 Most Wanted Women 2013 Front And Back Portion Of The Free Entrance Ticket.

Blogger Most Wanted

Blogger Most Wanted

Blogger Most Wanted - Stephen Hon - StephenHon
Blogger Most Wanted
Blogger Most Wanted Stephen Hon With Event Sexy Models - StephenHon
Blogger Most Wanted Stephen Hon With Event Sexy Models

Blogger Most Wanted 2013 – Blogrrr is organised by .mynic and it is free admission event from 9:00am to 7:00pm. An occasion to acknowledge and affirm Malaysian bloggers in utilising information technology progression in Malaysia and turn into the agent of Malaysia’s voice in the virtual domain.

It is an one of a kind assembling of bloggers and other social media group hailing from different interest, incorporating personal and organizations. This occasion will furnish a stage for the group to impart information and encounters as how to redefine what a website seems to be, and how it can impact individuals.

There will be 12 smaller than usual workshops throughout the occasion. Every theme will be exceptionally suitable, down to earth, and instructive to guide you in blogging activities.

This inaugural occasion will accumulate around 10,000 bloggers and guests. This occasion will be an eye opener for members to increase the information and trade plans, and in addition encourage business relationships.

Benefits Of This Event

  • Chance to meet blog lovers and followers
  • Discovering everything you have to think about social media
  • Comprehension the force of informal communication
  • Teach the individuals on the advantages and disadvantages of blogging
  • Finding legitimate behavior and taking care of web journals
  • Getting learning for developing business with the most recent social media  engineering, techniques and devices
  • Enhancing the look and practicality of online substance
  • Building your brand utilizing social media
  • Speaking viably with the blogging neighborhood
  • Communicating and systems administration with a mix of social media specialists, business bloggers, and brand advertisers

Create Your Own PLR Products

Create Your Own PLR Products

Any internet marketer will say that one of the best ways to make money online is create your own PLR products. Some internet marketers spend months and even years to create a simple product for selling online.

It is better to pay someone to make a product for your sales page and provide them with some dollars for creating a product.

However, there is a much cheaper and easier method available to you for creating your own products and i.e. by learning to make your own PLR products.

Creating new PLR products is easy even for the internet marketing newcomer. For this you need to read and follow just a few simple steps.

Select a PLR product:

You can get a large number of PLR products from the giveaway events without charge. Just type “JV Giveaway” into Google.

You can also buy the best PLR products for a few dollars. For this you just enter “PLR products” into Google.

Once you have the product you need to verify whether you have the PLR license or not. If you have the license that means you have the right to change your product as you like and also you can add your name.

Modify the PDF content by removing any of the filler or rubbish text.

Ensure that any affiliate links you are working with are yours. This makes you gain even more sales and affiliates of your own.

Change the name of product in the report and keep your name as the product creator.

You can do this legally since you have gotten the PLR license.

Change your sales page to a high quality one by including an eye catching headline. Making sure that the sales page has your name and most importantly ensure that you have created your own payment buttons on the sales page end.

Even though these are the general points to follow there are many marketers that are making considerable income by following these simple steps.

But, many marketers recommended doing some research regarding the way to write an effective copy. Learning to write a better copy will be the precious weapon in your internet marketing armory.


Make Instant Money with PLR Products

If you are searching for the way to make instant money online, then you have to try the PLR products to build real money online instantly.

Selling PLR products is the easiest method to make instant money online.

For this you have no need to create a new product by promoting other products.

Here are the top two ways available to make instant money online with the PLR products.

The first method is to purchase PLR products for re-sell. It is the quickest and easiest method to build money online.

For this you have to buy many PLR products , and create a sales page in order to sell them. But usually, when you purchase PLR products, you are also provided with the sales pages.  Hence, no need to create another sales page.

But, you have to upload the sales page on your site. After that, sell all these PLR products to your consumers with some special discount.

You can also increase your sales by providing them with some free PLR articles or eBooks as a bonus.

The second method is to combine numerous PLR products into a big package and vend this big package with a great discount. This method is much better than the above method.

For this you have to buy numerous PLR products and vend them into a big package with large discount. You can offer some discounts to your customers  to purchase many products at a cheaper rate.

Mostly, the cost for PLR software or books reproducing is zero; hence no need to worry about the discount. For each sale you will gain 100% commission as well. Therefore; it is the most helpful marketing strategies that you make to enhance your sales.

By selling PLR products you have more benefits and control.

If you make use of PayPal as the payment processor, then you will earn immediate payments whenever you make the sale.

But, with some other payments you will be paid only when you get a minimum amount and you have to wait for the months end.

In consultation, this method is the easiest and quickest way to build money online.

Other Resource Of PLR ebooks:

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